Hi Guys,

We all know our Indian government has banned access to torrent sites, but we Indians barely can stay away from getting things from our favorite torrents. So these are few simple technique which you can use to access torrent sites.

  1. Free Proxy.

So what free proxy does is, it allows you to access a torrent site from anonymous location without actually being present there.

How to get it work?


All of the above sites work very similarly, I will show the example of one.

Step 1 : Go to any of the site mentioned above. I am using https://whoer.net/webproxy for demo purpose.1

Step 2: Now all you need to do is insert the URL of the torrent you want to access. I am using ‘extratorrent.cc’ but you can enter your favorite torrent’s URL.3

Step3 :You can select any particular server or just keep it ‘Random server’ and Hit ‘GO!’4

And there you go your treasure of torrent is reopened for you. If you notice it says location as United States.

More Proxy servers: Just google ‘free proxy’ you’ll get lot many there.

Torrent sites: I hardly use torrents but few I am familiar with are, extratorrent.cc, kat.how(kick as torrent comes with new mirror every time so just keep on googling it ),torrentz.eu

2. Chrome extension.

This works similar to free proxy but you’ll always have extension installed on your chrome and you don’t need to visit any of the above mentioned sites.

Step 1: Go to google chrome webstore. Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions5.png

Step 2: search browsec.(Any other VPN extensions will also do).6.png

Step 3: See the first extension, just ‘Add to chrome’ for it. As soon as you click on it a window will pop up, there click on ‘Add extension’.7.png

Step 4: It’ll be downloaded and installed. You’ll be able to see browsec icon on the right up corner. click on it and click on ‘ON’ and you’re ready to visit your favorite torrent.8.png

Step 5: Open new tab in same browser and visit any torrent you like.9.PNG

Note: Similar extensions are available for other browsers as well, so you can visit their respective stores search for such extensions.

Few extensions I used: Hostspot Shield Free , NorthGhost

How to access torrents from android mobile phone?

You can always use the first option(Free proxy) to access torrents from mobile phone, but there is one alternative where you don’t need to go to proxy sites.

Step 1: Go to google playstore, and search VPN.screenshot_20161218-222257

Step 2: You can select any app which allow you to connect to a VPN, but I’ll recommenced ‘Turbo VPN’.screenshot_20161218-222328

Step 3: Install and open the app. Click on tap to connect. screenshot_20161218-222402

Step 4: A pop up will come, just click on ‘OK’ to proceed.Within few second you’ll be connected to VPN from some other country.screenshot_20161218-222412

Step 5(Optional) : If you’re connected to Indian VPN, you can click on the earth’s symbol on right top corner,select the other country(Select any other country than India) back & tap to connect.screenshot_20161218-222444


Step 6: You can see a key symbol in task bar that means you’re connected, go to any mobile browser, Chrome etc. type your favorite torrent’s URL and go.screenshot_20161218-222526


All the other app work very similar to this, you can try those as well. If you find any difficulty in using it you can write me in ‘Ask question’ section or just comment below.

If you really want to know how VPN actually works and How Indian governments are blocking sites, let me know I’ll be happy to share my knowledge.

There are lot many methods as well rather than methods mentioned above, if you wish to know then write to me.

I have lot of tricks,tips related to mobiles, PCs’, various tools, programming languages. I will be posting them soon in my blogs, If you have any request for specific let me know.

Note: I have no offense against any of the law Indian government makes, neither I wish to be guilty for breaking such laws. The internet is for everyone and hence it should be available to everyone and should be used by everyone. Internet is Free and available for all.

Jai Hind!